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A Love Note to Mom; Prioritizing This Important Relationship Is The Greatest Gift We Can Give

Navigating long-distance relationships with parents can be challenging.  It takes effort to find common interests, common ground and maintain humor.  Hopefully, this crisis has reminded us it’s worth prioritizing that connection now and well, forever.  The 420’s very own Taylor Pare’ offers an insightful guide to connecting with your MOM during this time.  

Who loves you more than Mom? (*crickets) During quarantine, I have been fortunate enough to work from home in Brooklyn, while staying in the loop with my mother who resides in South Carolina. Our daily Facetimes have become the highlight of my day, and I believe a top factor in how I manage to cope with living alone during the times of COVID. Surviving New York as a young, single, and overly dramatic female is more challenging than ever. This time at home has cemented the importance of the mother/daughter relationship which often goes unattended when we are busy and living far apart.

1. Catch up as often as possible – Facetime was created for a reason, and who better to use this app with than the woman who had to deal with you during the reign of Abercrombie & Fitch? Ease her concerns and strengthen your bond with a daily 5 min call. 

2. Moms can be stressed or scared too – Growing up, I always felt my mom was a superhero.  But the truth is sometimes the strongest women we know can feel uneasy or scared just like the rest of us. During quarantine, I have witnessed my mom go through a great deal of emotions. From the transition of making her career an at home collaboration, to the balancing act of family dynamics. Sometimes the strongest women in our lives need us to do the listening so they can vent and reclaim their superpowers. 

3. Family Cocktail hour (I like to add Faith In Flower Lifted Drops to all my martinis) – I did a cocktail hour with my family the other week and it was surprisingly ‘lit’.  Family gossip becomes that much more juicy over a martini, and so does your annoying Great Aunt. Learning to laugh at the small stuff helps you prepare for more pressing matters. WE GOT THIS!

4. If your cat (or dog) does something cute like sleeping, send the pics to mom. It doesn’t matter what time, she wants to see it. 

5. Book clubs become that much more relevant when it is a family affair. We may not all agree on politics, but something we can all agree on is reading, which beats binge watching Netflix anyday! I am currently reading How To Murder Your Life- By Cat Marnell while my mom reads the book of the moment, Little Fires Everywhere- By Celeste Ng

6. When in doubt, call your Mom! Becoming a top chef, barista, and workout guru over the past couple months has been challenging to say the least.  But something I learned early on in life has been my ultimate lifeline during quarantine “mothers always know best.”  My mom always seems to have the ultimate life hack I was searching for frantically on google.  Talking about cooking and cleaning, while normally so mundane, provides meaningful bonding right now. I love learning how to whip up my favorite childhood dishes — eggplant parmesan, mashed potatoes and tiramisu from the OG mom.

7. If money is tight, get Mom the gift that keeps on giving…nostalgia. I like to send my mom old pictures and write to her about the times in my childhood which are held near and dear to my heart. Not only does she love it, but I always enjoy seeing how much these moments mean to her, and us. For a quick and seamless way to organize, try using an online memory book service like Shutterfly

8. Rule of thumb- Moms love to relax. So this year, I decided to get my mom the ultimate relaxation kit. Faith In Flower- Sleeping Beauty Drops , Vertly – Bath Salts Rosebud- Dark Chocolate, and a  Hot Flash Patch by The Good patch

9. Don’t forget to ask mom about her mental health- in times like these your mom needs you just as much as you need her.

10. Take this time as an opportunity to get to know your mom even further. Sure, we may think we know everything about our moms, but I guarantee there is more to this beautiful and complex puzzle. Inquire about her childhood, a first love, redefining moments, or simply what it was like to grow up in a time before Instagram. There is much to learn and no time like the present to do so. Let’s make the most of our time in quarantine and be there for the person who made you the strong, kind, and resilient person you are today. We love you Moms, thanks for everything you do!

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