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Life elements was founded by Martha and Kurt, a husband and wife team who dedicated themselves to developing a line made with the most natural and ethically sourced products they could find.  Today, they continue to run this small business that specializes in skin care focused CBD products.  

Their best selling product is their CBD bath bomb available in an array of potencies and fantastical flavors to soothe sore muscles, relieve aches and pains whilst nourishing the skin with essential oils.  Life Elements’ CBD bath bombs are made from various strengths of full spectrum, hemp derived CBD.  In addition to this they carry bath salts and a delicious range of topicals formulated with all natural ingredients and essential oils such as arnica, balsam, calendula flower, eucalyptus, and ylang-ylang.  Honey features heavily in their products, known for its wealth of health benefits as well as its natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties.