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Taylor & Tess entered new territory in the CBD and skincare and beauty industry by combining premium CBD skin care products with gender neutrality.  It is a family run, black woman owned business that breaks away from the norm by disregarding gender stereotypes and appealing to the masses.

With a commitment to de-stigmatizing hemp and cannabis and educating others, they are dedicated to positively affecting social and economic change.  Going back to their ancestral roots, Tess & Taylor takes inspiration from ingredients that have been used for hundreds of thousands of years, their African Black Soap cleansing bar is a nod to this.

Founder, Tess Melody Taylor, grew up with veteran parents, her father battled PTSD, opioid addiction and pain as a result from multiple surgeries and by harnessing the benefits of the hemp plant he was able to overcome his addiction.  Her mother, also an army veteran who began suffering from chronic aches and pains, tried CBD for herself and is now a self proclaimed advocate.