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CBD is High Performance for Sports Recovery

The 420 caught up with Amir Zendehnam in Santa Monica, CA to discuss his brand Spekr and why CBD is a fantastic option for optimal sports recovery.

What is the Spekr’s origin story?
Spekr was founded in 2018, but it took years of research and development to perfect the ingredients lists. I was frustrated by the low standards of ingredients and nutrient blocking compounds not just in CBD but many products on the market. I was regularly discouraged by status quo formulators who believed I couldn’t produce legitimate products. After years of working on these formulas in my small apartment kitchen and buying ingredients with tip money from my bud-tending day job, it was finally time to launch. Spekr is short for “full spectrum.” Our brand combines everything into one. I have built this company almost entirely by myself with no investor capital and with a small team.


Why did you choose your specific blend of ingredients?
Every ingredient I chose is geared towards optimal health. I focus on nutrient-dense ingredients from clean sources, with as little anti-nutrients as possible. There are no synthetics or fillers. It is all plant-based ingredients.

How does CBD impact sports recovery?
CBD impacts sports recovery for the same reason CBD impacts almost every single action inside of your body. CBD is a regulatory compound for the human body that promotes homeostasis. It has the power to fight bad cells and help the good cells. CBD it helps strengthen your endocannabinoids, which are naturally occurring cannabinoids found inside your body. I recommend CBD as a daily supplement for anyone engaged in regular exercise or athleticism. It speeds up muscle recovery, fights soreness, keeps inflammatory markers low, and makes you happy! CBD finds what is wrong inside your body, and helps get you back into a more balanced state.


What are the athletes you work with using CBD for in their routine?
Spekr sponsors an entire team of professional athletes from a wide variety of sports, which has been my lifelong dream. Our youngest professional athlete is eight years old. From ripped or sore hands on the bars to twisted ankles from flips and chronic soreness, our products are designed with athletes in mind. Athletes typically have the highest pain thresholds. If you can get a product to work on athletes who get banged up all day and still continue training through all that pain, then I believe you’re probably good to go with everyone else. Our product has become extremely popular with various professional athletes.


What kind of changes and gains can athletes expect to make incorporating CBD into their athletic program?
True balance. Athletes, like myself, typically suffer from bruises, twists and tears, chronic soreness, old injuries that were never fully healed, and fatigue to name a few of the negative aspects that come with high-level athleticism. As an athlete, I kept those facts at the forefront of my formulations. I wanted to create a line of products that can help with everything your body needs in only a few products. The Pain Relief Lotion helps you from the outside in, while the CBD Drops help you from the inside out. By incorporating Spekr CBD products into your athletic programs, you can expect faster recovery time, less chronic pain, and a new sense of mental focus and clarity you may not have previously had. CBD is a necessary supplement to use daily to keep your body efficient and optimal.


What athlete inspires you most and why?
I’ve been an athlete all my life, in so many different sports that it’s hard to pick one. I would say professional BMXer, Mat Hoffman. His book, The Ride of My Life, was the first book I ever read cover-to-cover when I was 13 years old. I was so inspired by the fact that he would keep going higher and harder, would almost die, recover quickly, and then go and conquer even more. And most of the time, he would continue to go out there and win with injuries that would make most people immobile. He is a leader in creating the high standard of athleticism we see today in freestyle BMX. This was so inspiring to me. And he never stopped! To this day, after decades of injuries and near-death experiences, he still goes hard! His ability to live literally on the edge at all times gave me the motivation I needed throughout my life to continue going strong regardless of everyone around who told me I need to slow down or stop.


What is your Sunday Wellness routine?
I have spent years cultivating my Sunday routine. It has become sacred. Sunday is the one day out of the week where I put my work and phone aside and relax. I go to Santa Monica Beach, which I refer to as Church, to hang out with my friends and workout all day–this keeps my mental health balanced. I’m privileged to live in Los Angeles, where the weather is typically delightful so that I can continue these activities year-round. Upon waking, without looking at my phone, I go into my backyard to meditate, breathe, sun gaze, give hugs to trees, ground myself, and manifest what I will accomplish for the day. I try to take my brain out of work mode. I make sure to do my beach workouts while fasting, to get the most efficient benefits from training. As business demands increase, I make it a priority to go to the Original Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, which is where we train. I highly recommend this truly magical place. I’m serious about my well-being on this day and set firm boundaries. If people ask me about business, I kindly refrain from discussing the topic. It’s a hard balance to stay connected to your friends and family, have a consistent health and fitness routine, and keep your mental health balanced.

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