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Making The Touchdown for Green Helix with Co-founder Chancellor Aven

The 420 sat down with co-founder and president of Green Helix, Chancellor Aven, a former division 1 football star, to discuss the transformative powers of CBD on sports-related injuries and his thoughts on all things football.

What is the origin story for Green Helix?
The ethos of the company is found in the healing power of unique and powerful botanicals, an ideology that our society has clearly drafted from, especially in the wake to today’s crippling opiate epidemic. The combination of these botanicals with current innovation techniques empowers the body and soul to combat the average person’s stressful and frenetic pace of life. Everyone is struggling with discomfort, lack of proper rest, and overstimulation and Team Helix focused to create a brand that gave everyone a sustainable way to deal with their issues. Drawing from real life experiences as a Division 1 athlete, I was hard on my body and had to have multiple surgeries to repair sustained injuries. Instead of getting on the pharmaceutical train, I veered to natural and non-toxic remedies, which has led me to this stage of my life where I’ve leveraged these personal experiences to create a healthier alternative for our consumer base.

You come from a multi-generational farming family which gives you a unique perspective on the CBD business, can you speak to what constitutes quality and Green Helix’s philosophy on growing and processing hemp?
I understand how important starting materials are when it comes to growing a plant out of the ground: good soil, clean water, and proper seed. At Green Helix we have an incredible farming partner in Colorado, licensed by the State Board of Agriculture, to grow and cultivate hemp. This alignment is anchored by redundancy and quality control: routine soil inspections, crude hemp oil testing for herbicides/pesticides, residual solvents, and microbiological contaminants and potency testing on finished products by a third-party lab. At Green Helix, we feel strongly this emerging sector carries a tremendous humanitarian responsibility – we are helping people and animals – consumers who are in constant search for products to improve their quality of life and we feel honored to carry that aforementioned burden of responsibility in order to deliver education paired with transparent quality control and brand consistency.


Your skin products are luxurious, tell us about the additional ingredients that work in conjunction with the CBD?
My partner, who lives a completely plant-based lifestyle with his wife, and I were adamant that the entire team effort was focused on curating the most holistic, beneficial plant-infused formulas with the highest degree of efficacy in order to deliver a sustainable and eco-friendly experience to the masses. Our plant-extract infusions combine valuable botanicals such as rosemary, shiitake mushrooms, and jojoba seed with cutting edge hyaluronic acid. Our strategy of eco-friendly science paired with ancient botanicals like hemp have empowered us to make significant strides in a relatively short span of 2 years.


As a division 1 athlete that was injured, how has CBD impacted you?
Being injured and having multiple injuries, I was forced to look for alternative options to help improve what I was going through. Sometimes hardships in life can be the biggest blessings in disguise. I got first hand experience on how transformative CBD can be.


For young athletes playing competitive sports, how would you suggest incorporating CBD into their routine?
I would love to see more clinical research done with the younger population. We’re still learning so much about CBD and the possibilities of how it can affect us. I believe it could be beneficial as an alternative to the degenerative side effects of OTC products. I certainly feel it could be impactful treating concussions and other head related injuries.


If you had a son, what would your advice be if he wanted to play football?
This is definitely a two-edged sword for me. On one hand, it helped mold me into the man I am today with the discipline, teamwork and camaraderie that is built into the sport. To share similar experiences with him, I believe would be an incredible bonding experience for the both of us. The other side, football can be extremely unforgiving. I would want to make sure that his mind, as well as his body, were fully prepared and capable.


What is your opinion on pay and college athletes given that they bring in so much money to the Universities?
This is a difficult situation to work through. On one side, the school is paying 100% of your tuition because you are a student-athlete. I believe it’s your role to do your very best to honor the letter of intent you signed to represent and play for that school. The opposite, you have these universities leveraging these young men, some of them who literally have no family and a duffel bag of clothes to their name, to generate a great deal of money. A small amount of money could be life-changing for these kids.


What athlete most inspires you and why?
Conor McGregor – an immensely motivational story for me coming from a man with humble beginnings and tremendous dreams. He is the definition of preparation meeting opportunity – a gentleman who went from the slums of Ireland to create generational wealth for his beloved wife and family – a fighter with unwavering, iron-clad self-belief that is highly contagious and needed in this difficult and stressful landscape of modern-day life.


What is your favorite Super Bowl party snack??
I’m a chip and salsa feign.


If you were a sports car, what would you be?
Lamborghini Aventador: an unadvertised, authentically recognized hand-built engineering phenomenon that is simply built to perform at the highest levels of precision and demand.

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