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Written by Taylor Paré

Congratulations on making it through 12 months of quarantine. It has been a doozy. I don’t know about you, but my comfort in all this is having the opportunity to do things I love more frequently, like snacking. Post the Covid shut down, I have successfully brought my favorite hobby to work. Since the June re-opening of the luxury retail location that I manage in SoHo, I am successfully eating my way through The 420: A CBD Store inventory. This is not binge eating. This is wellness eating. And, in fact, I consider myself to be an over-performer since part of my job is to seek out and curate only the best hemp-derived edibles from artisanal makers around the country. It brings a whole new meaning to indulging – good vibes only!

CBD edibles can turn the mundane into something way more palatable. The selection at The 420: A CBD STORE in SoHo is curated straight from the CBD Heavens. Below is a review of my favorite edible options.

Let’s start with my newest obsession, Rose Los Angeles! This super hot brand from California takes delight(ful) gummies to the next level by merging whole flower hemp with the culinary world. Rose infuses single-strain, whole flower rosin into their edibles for a totally euphoric experience when it comes to texture and taste. CBD Rosin is a concentrated compound derived from Hemp, and is extracted with care through pressurized heat. Rose products are farm-to-table, bringing family business and history into one delicious bite-sized format. Rose Los Angeles is well-educated about every farm they interact with in California. They make it a point to support female farmers which we applaud.

Award-winning chefs collaborate to create complex seasonal flavors such as Watermelon Tomato Sencha Green Tea and Poppy Apricot Lemon Verbena. Magical Grapes by Chef Virgilio Martinez is a super special batch made from the elusive, Shinano Smile grape. Rose Los Angeles sources the “magic grapes” from a Japanese farming couple, Seiji & Chiho Morimoto in Ventura, California. The Morimoto’s have a cult following because of their work at local restaurants and farmer’s markets. Top 50 chef, Virgilio Martinez, paired the Shinano Smile grape with muddled ginger and crushed pink peppercorn. Martinez then infused it with Hudson Hemp’s Sour Space Candy rosin. A combination that wows and delights, giving the name of these treats a proper salute.

Jonathan Apple Rincon Tropic Passion Fruit is another flavor I adore. Three star Michelin chef, Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco brings us a refreshing take on classic combinations. Her recipe features Frederick passion fruit from Rincon Tropics and house- pressed Johnathan apples from Nana Mae’s in Sebastopol. These CBD delights feature Sour Space Candy Hemp Rosin from New York’s female-owned and operated Hudson Hemp. I highly suggest this flavor any time you want to escape the norm, and bite into something unexpected.

Two new flavors comprise the collaboration with Enrique Olvera of Pujol, a haute cuisine restaurant in Mexico City, ranked 12th in the world according to the 2019 annual The World’s 50 Best Restaurants listing. Spice things up with, Poached Pear in Chile Ancho. It is infused with Sonoma Hills Farms’ Prism first press CBD flower rosin. And, my personal favorite flavor is Ponche, a delicate balance of Hachiya Persimmon, Hibiscus, and Pujol Tamari infused with Hudson Hemp Electra first-press CBD flower rosin. Sure to please even the toughest of CBD critics. (shout out to you mom), Rose Los Angeles also brings a new year-long recipe to the que, Rose Hibiscus – love at first chew for everyone on The 420 staff!

If you’re looking for a gummy that is vegan compatible and absolutely delicious, look no further than the Oregon staple, Wyld gummies! These chews (Brooklyn hipster friendly) are low in sugar, and come in all natural flavors – Huckleberry, Lemon, Raspberry, and Blackberry. It’s hard to pick a favorite, they cover all of my moods, but I cannot get enough of the Raspberry!! It’s light, airy, and reminds me of fresh jam. At 20mg each, I take two and feel like the best version of myself. Sometimes I will pair them with chocolate for a fantastic flavor combination (It’s all about that texture folks!!)

California kingpins of luxury cannabis lifestyle, Lord Jones, are another fangirl favorite. They had me at gumdrop and the edibles are as chewy as that sounds. We carry seasonal flavors like White Peach and Grapefruit as well as the year-round OG, Wild Strawberry and Lemon. A twist on their edibles, is the Lord Jones Espresso Chews. Popping one in your mouth with morning coffee or for an afternoon pick-me-up is a sure way to get through that grueling zoom meeting with a smile!

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