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Masked: Even Though It's Mandatory, Are We Calling It An Accessory Yet?

By Marcelle Frey

Now that summer is upon us and many states are beginning to open, it is super important to have masks on hand that are easy to wear and make us feel somewhat stylish.  As a mother of two female college students, it is starting to feel like we have our finger in the social distancing dam, so to speak. In general, most kids are taking things seriously and, in fact, are informed by both the news and meaningful coursework at school that teaches the way Covid-19 impacts so many communities globally. But, at some point, there will be backyard barbeques and birthday celebrations, pool parties, and beach days (small gatherings only). It simply feels better to embrace this as our new normal for quite some time and be prepared with a bunch of cute choices so you don’t have to nag.

Like everything in life, it seems best to lead by example and contextualize the long game in digestible steps. Summer presents an opportunity for college students to develop good habits (with some parental guidance). Masks are the new accessory and here are some of our personal favorites that work for both day and night; lounging and sporty activities.


Created by this ultra-chic equestrian boutique, “The Hannah” is offered in both technical fabric and cotton. It comes in oodles of colors and borders. It slips over the head and is great for any outdoor exercise.

Shop Callidae

Eugenia Kim

We think these satin masks are super stylish, especially for nighttime use.

Shop Eugenia Kim

Roopa Pemmaraju

It doesn’t get more gorgeous than these hand embroidered beauties.

Shop Roopa Pemmaraju

Clare V.

Feels super fresh for summer.

Shop Clare V

Cotton Citizen

Cozy as out favorite sweats. Could easily become the go-to.

Shop Cotton Citizen

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