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Faith In Flower Blemish-Be-Gone Serum


CBD powers an extraordinary blend of natural ingredients including Burdock Root, Pine Bark Extract,…

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CBD powers an extraordinary blend of natural ingredients including Burdock Root, Pine Bark Extract, Algae, Irish Moss, Melaleuca, Rosemary and Tea Tree oil to create and support healthy skin that is inhospitable to breakouts. The formula enables exfoliation of irritants and simultaneously hydrates the skin.

CBD — Numerous studies show there are calming benefits that help reactive skin look and feel better.  Research also shows that CBD has the potential to decrease excess sebum (oil) production, possibly due to its balancing effect on the quality of the skin’s oil.

Salicylic Acid — Addresses many of the systemic causes of acne. Calms redness, swelling, and inflammation. Acts as an exfoliant, helping shed dead skin.

Red Algae — Contains Omega-3s and Omega-6s, the building blocks of healthy cell membranes.

Burdock Extract — Soothes skin and acts as an antioxidant.

Pine Bark Extract — Known to reduce hyper-pigmentation while improving the skin barrier function.

Tea Tree Oil — Soothes skin and acts as an antioxidant.

Rosemary Leaf Oil — antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that all work together to fight off blemishes. Relieves clogged pores.

Full Ingredients:
Water, Glycereth 18 Ethylhexanoate, Glycereth 18, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Algae, Salicylic Acid, CBD, Soy Amino Acids, Yeast Extract, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Arctium Majus Root (Burdock) Extract, Diglycerin, Pinus Pinaster Extract, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Silver Citrate

Suggested Use:
Spot treat blemishes 1-2 times daily or apply over a general area of concern at night. Keep away from the eyes.


Faith In Flower

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