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Highborn Salome Roller Ball



Sultry dance of pure Rose Otto + Tulsi (Holy Basil) blended with other beautiful,…

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Sultry dance of pure Rose Otto + Tulsi (Holy Basil) blended with other beautiful, soul-lifting essential oils and of course one very special whole plant extract oil that shall remain nameless because merchant services aren’t awesome in fully supporting something legal. Thank you for your patience as we are in transition.

The essential oils alone will send you soaring, have true calming qualities, bring you a blessing for happiness with each use and with the enhancement from our friend Mary- the sensory experience is next level. The blend is loaded up with a reiki charged crystal, quartz to help amplify the goodness within and around you.

This blend contains 420 mg, is fast-acting + applied topically to pulse points OR anywhere you are experiencing discomfort. With a firm touch, massage the glass ball over areas of cramps, pain, soreness, or pressure points. We recommend using your wrists to rub the oil deeper into your skin. Expect to feel the relaxation feels within 5-10 minutes.



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