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Kovo Bio-Cellulose Undereye Patches



What it is: A extra powerful hit of hydration, this formula can’t be beaten….

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What it is: A extra powerful hit of hydration, this formula can’t be beaten. Not only is it rich in hydrating ingredients, but the mask itself is also made of a unique, coconut-derived biocellulose material that forms a complete barrier, ensuring all those hydrators get sealed into skin. It also contains CBD & Probiotics.

Why it’s effective:
Formulated with a potent 20mg of CBD to tone dark spots and hydrate the undereye area and CBG to calm the skin.
Probiotics replenish the skin with antioxidants and ant-inflammatory actives to reinforce the skin’s natural defense against pollutants.
Peptides plump out fine lines leaving wrinkles less visible and skin looking tighter.
Probiotics — Balance PH.
Peptides — Plump Wrinkles
Green Tea — Tones Skin
Gotu Kola — Improve Circulation
DMAE — Improves Elasticity
CBD — 20mg – 100mg THC Free
Coconut Water — Hydrating
Witch Hazel — Repairing
Aloe Juice — Soothes Irritation
How to use
Cleanse undereye area before applying patches to skin.
Remove the protective film from both sides of each patch to reveal the CBD bio-cellulose patch in between.
– Position patches under each eye area as show in the diagram and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then remove and gently massages any excess serum into the skin.
Biodegradable Patches

Good to know
Vegan Friendly
3rd Party Lab Tested
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Animal Cruelty Free

KOVO Essentials revitalizing under eye patches hydrate, moisturize, and diminish the look of fine lines and crow’s feet brought on by environmental oxidative stressors. Formulated with a unique blend of CBD, Collagen Peptides and Probiotics work to reduce inflammation and restore the skin’s balance.




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