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Vermont Lemon 550mg Tincture


Dosage: 550 mg bottle contains 10mg of CBD per 1ml 1100 mg bottle contains…

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550 mg bottle contains 10mg of CBD per 1ml
1100 mg bottle contains 20mg of CBD per 1ml
Take 1-2ml every 4-6 hours as needed


Organic Hemp
Organic Coconut MCT Oil
Organic Cold-Pressed Lemon Extract
Our Cherry Wine CBD Oil is:

Zero Additives


Vermont Hemp Health

Vermont Hemp Health is proud to be one of the few CBD companies to use the whole flower and just the flower of the hemp plant, unlike many other companies who use the whole plant.  Their superior range of products include CBD oil, CBG oil and flower, with the emphasis being on the purity and quality of their small batch items.  The flower is technically the smallest part of the plant, as most of it is made up of the stalk and stem, however, the parts we want (the cannabidiol and terpenes) are only in the flower.  The purest form of CBD is in the flower only.   Whole Flower CBD is the most effective way to enjoy all of the benefits of CBD oil, such as reduced anxiety and depression, pain relief and improvement for various other health issues.  Vermont Hemp Health continues to strive to educate their customers on the life-changing benefits of CBD.  Each high-grade strain has been handpicked for its premium quality and rarity from their Vermont cannabis farm.

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