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Scent of a Woman: Victorine Deych Leads the Field in CBD Aromatherapy & Perfumery

The 420 crew, both male and female, are obsessed with DUSTED, a luxurious, highly aromatic blend of wild crafted, organic and ethically sourced botanicals. Equally mesmerizing is the creator, Victorine Deych. We caught up with our favorite scent sorceress in NYC to discuss her process and a few more fun facts.

What is the Dusted origin story?
You know that feeling when you smell something, and it inexplicably makes you feel happy?! For me, that was always how I felt when I got a whiff of cannabis. I could smell the difference between strains and the various ways it was being smoked. This fascination lasted for years. When I finally took my leap into aromatherapy and perfumery, it was obvious that I was going to create scents with cannabis. I needed my brain to catch up to what my nose knew instinctively. While Dusted is the product as well as a term that is illicit in nature, I found it fitting as the title of a movement toward educating the world on all the positivity associated with cannabis. I want to see every aspect of our customer’s and supplier’s lives being Dusted with a state of well-being.

Please share your creative process in crafting your fragrance?
The first step of the process is born from anything that inspires me. It could start from a single aromatic note, a line in a movie, or how I feel on a beach run. Once the feeling that I want the scent to evoke is formulated, I start sourcing and truly allowing myself to play in the lab. Sometimes that leads me back to where I started, and sometimes I’m thrilled with a finished product that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the original inspiration.


Searching for the perfect ingredients and exotic travel is a big part of your brand. Can you talk about some of those adventures?
As far back as I can remember I’ve experienced pulls towards certain parts of the world for no particular reason. When I finally started listening to that voice, I ended up in East Africa, The Middle East, and the Andes to name a few. My travel for ingredients involves instinct, tremendous research, and most importantly earning the respect of masters who are willing to guide me. There really isn’t a formula for this. My driver is insatiable curiosity.


What benefits do CBD and fragrance provide?
I truly feel that even the lightest dose of happy triggers such a sense of harmony in the body that all the layers that can hold us back melt away. Sensual products such as aromatic oils are a welcome gateway to hormonal balance, improved focus & sleep. Additionally, the finest oils provide added topical benefits to the skin such as heightened moisture and reduced inflammation.


We are fascinated by your healing oil. Can you discuss the inspiration behind that product?
I always knew that my mission was to support creativity in our youth. Upon visiting a high risk youth home, I decided to pilot a youth plant education program as an alternative healing method for mental well-being. With the success of this pilot, I had the group of kids I was working with share the aromas that they were attracted to. The excitement they expressed was so overwhelming, that I decided to produce a an aromatherapy roller that they helped develop. Now all proceeds from this product go back to various youth homes I work with around the globe.


What is your self-care Sunday routine?
I do salt baths with an oil blend I create that evening.


What city or place most represents you?
NYC…what can I say it’s in my blood. I am fortunate to get out to nature for my work very frequently.


What is your greatest indulgence?


If you are CBDing at home what is your current binge-watch and your favorite snack or take out order?
I’m a popcorn addict… yes it’s true… haha. I pop my own with coconut oil.


If you were a vintage car, what would you be?
A vintage Mercedes convertible, most likely from the ’80s. Built strong, and delicate on the inside.


If you woke up one morning as a flower which would it be?

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