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It's a Mad Mad World: How to Stay Sane by Taylor Paré

The 420’s Manager, Taylor Pare, whose fabulous vintage style we miss and positive personality we admire, offers her personal WFH tips that keep her sane and bring mental clarity during this difficult time.

As our daily routines are paused, it is vital to find a groove that works for you and your life. In times of uncertainty, our mental health is typically the first to go on hiatus. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve a positive outlook while simultaneously becoming the best version of yourself.

Start From The Inside Out – A healthy mind starts with a healthy canvas. Make sure to drink plenty of water, cool it on the booze, eat protein enriched foods, and start your day with a CBD tincture of your choice. This small change in routine is a great way to jumpstart a productive quarantine.

Never Stop Learning – Excess time is in itself a luxury and, now is the perfect occasion to dive-in, head-first to a new subject of interest. With many streaming platforms available and online schooling just a click away, take advantage of all the downtime while becoming the boss of which you’ve always dreamed. I recommend Master Class + Vermont Hemp Health CBG oil for concentration, productivity, & focus.

Self Care – I recommend practicing Self Care every day that ends in Y. From Vertly’s CBD Bath Salts, to Taiga CBD Sheet Masks, there is a little something for everyone. Remember, a little TLC goes a long way!

Physical Exercise – My least fav part of this list, is probably the most important. With more time to Netflix, you’d think it would be easy to get into an at home workout routine. But for me, it’s not quite that simple. With distractions everywhere you look (meow), I have found that Live Stream workouts are the most seamless when it comes to getting yourself in shape, while keeping that motivation high. Other honorable mentions – don’t forget to go on that Government Mandated walk! Its good to get things moving & a little air wouldn’t hurt either.

Make A list And Check It Off – There’s something about making lists & accomplishing them, that really does it for me. If you find it difficult to accomplish small tasks during the quarantine, this method is for you! No item is too small to add (pro tip) that only means you get to cross off more things (hot)

Learn How To Make New Dishes – The time is now to bring out your inner Gordan Ramsay (minus the yelling). Have fun with your meals. Make a theme if that’s your thing. Take as many pictures of your culinary creations as your Instagram-able heart desires. (Fun Fact) CBD is super fun to cook with! I recommend Potli Honey to turn any meal from drab to fab!!!

Take advantage Of This Time You Have – Do things that typically wouldn’t be an option. Its time to make the most of this quarantine, while taking care of yourself. I plan on oil training my hair (washing once a week), whitening my teeth, reading a new book each week, and giving my skin a break from all things makeup. (Did you know CBD is great for decongesting your pores??) Check out Saint Jane Beauty Serum – its life changing!

Pet Bonding – My fav part of the day is every moment I get to spend with my cat. She is thriving which means I am too.

Check In With Your Friends & Family – There is no time like the present, so go call your Mom, or anyone that means a lot to you. I like using Facetime or House Party to stay in the loop, while also staying sane.

Realize It’s Ok To Do Nothing – Nothing kills Cozy Quarantine Vibes like good old fashioned, guilt. While staying busy is helpful, that inner voice making you feel bad, is not. All this free time can be a little hard to navigate. If you ever feel overwhelmed just remember its ok to take a break, even if you’re already on one.

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